Knowledge, service and expertise – these are the three pillars on which KSE Process Technology has built up its business for the past 40 years. By continuously monitoring these core values, KSE has become what we are today: the supplier of dosing and weighing systems, automation solutions and services for producers of powders, granulates and liquids in the animal feed industry and related industries.

Using and sharing process knowledge and process technology, so our customers in the powder and granulates processing industry can produce high quality products on a safe, efficient and responsible manner for the environment of humans and animals. By technological innovations, the performance of the production of the customer is continuously being improved.

Much has changed in the past 40 years. However, personal contact, excellent service and passion for the powder and pellet processing industry are still key. You may also expect the same dedication and stability in the coming years. We currently have 130 employees and we are active worldwide, but we are still a family business to the core.

The focus is on the animal feed industry. KSE is a true specialist in this market. No other company can offer customers in this sector the same support in terms of dosing and weighing systems and automation software.

Good collaboration is our top priority. With our customers, but also with our partners worldwide. Because only through close partnership with all stakeholders, we are able to truly optimize production at the customer. To support customers in a long-term strategic partnership they are able to focus on core business activities.

Chris Dubbers

Chris Dubbers

Marketing Manager