FENAGRA - food and feed - International Agribusiness Fair is the union of the six main events in the same place and time. Inside the Dom Pedro Expo Pavilion (Campinas - SP) you will have the Fenagra (International Transformation Plants Fair), Pet Food Expo, RSS Aquamarine Expo, Food Expo and Oil & Fat Expo.

Thus we have the main fair of animal feed and the human nutrition industry as a whole. We cover important sectors of

Brazilian economy: Biodiesel, refrigerators and processing factories, Animal Nutrition - Pet Food, Aqua feed and animal feed (poultry, pork and veal), oil and vegetable fats industry, grains and derivatives.

In parallel to all this, 6 Conferences / Seminars will be held:

  • CBNA PET Congress
  • Oils and Fats Congress
  • Brazil Benefit Congress
  • FACTA Congress - Birds
  • Southeast Abisa
  • Aqua RSS Congress

Be sure to participate in the largest Agroindustry event in Latin America, which will be held on May 13 and 14, 2020, in Campinas (SP), Expo space for events, Dom Pedro (next to Dom Pedro Shopping.