This day is celebrated under the motto 'Groundwater: Making the invisible resource visible', by the UNESCO, the leader agency of the ONU.

In 2015, the world committed to 6. ° Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) as part of the 2030 Agenda: the promise that everyone would have safely managed water and sanitation.

This year the celebration of this world day coincides with the start of the ONU Water Conference 2023 (March 22-24, New York). This will be a unique opportunity to seek solutions to the current crisis.

Billions of people and countless schools, businesses, health centres, farms and factories are restricted because their human rights to access water and sanitation have not yet been fulfilled. Today, we are very far from achieving it.

For this reason, from the pet food industry we understand the seriousness of the problem and we assume the responsibility of taking care of this non-renewable natural good, as a form of constant valuation of a resource that allows us to produce food, improve the quality of life of pets and thus see a booming industry grow.

We are aware that we have at our fingertips a resource that even today is not available to the entire world population. And we are also convinced that there are rapid and transformative measures, among which the individual action of each one of us can be included.

That is why today, we tell you about the interesting Non-Thermal Plasma Technology - NTP of the Aerox Injector, which contributes to the care of two resources: air and water.


Currently, the emission of odours into the atmosphere by industrial processes is also worrisome and is being increasingly regulated by government authorities and entities that work to minimize the impact of pollution on our planet. The Aerox Injector system is recognized worldwide as "The Best Available Technology" for the control of odours that are generated during the pet food manufacturing process, without the use of water.

Among its main advantages and unlike other technologies, the non-use of water for its operation stands out. Therefore, in addition to not causing odour pollution, and the consumption of a non-renewable resource such as water, it does not generate the disposal (discharge) of contaminated liquid effluents into the environment, so it is not necessary to treat a secondary polluting effluent.


How is the system working?

The Aerox Injector is a non-thermal plasma unit located outside the process air exhaust duct that draws in ambient air with a fan, passing it through a three-stage filter and a small heater to discard the air of particles. After the purification process, this air passes through the NTP modules, where free oxygen radicals are generated using a minimum of electricity. These radicals are then injected into the exhaust air duct of the process, reacting with the components that cause the odour, oxidizing them and transforming them into odourless and harmless components to the neighbours and the environment. The reaction occurs instantly in less than 1 second.


Image 1


Additionally, we could mention that it achieves odour reduction levels of up to 95%, and it has a compact size making it very adaptable to installations. In addition, if possible, we can treat the combined process air outlet ducts with a single Aerox Injector (see image 1).

In this way, today we can confirm that the technology and solutions applied to the pet food industry pursue the constant challenge of minimizing the impact on their production processes.


You are invited to visit CLIVIO SOLUTIONS and AEROX websites.

Source: Clivio Solutions

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