A new year is beginning and there is great excitement in the pet food sector. According to data projected by the Pet Brazil Institute, the sector of products and services for pets should grow to a little more than 6% in 2021; which excites us even more, since according to ABINPET data in 2020, the turnover of this market was R $ 22.3 billion, exceeding the mark of previous years, even in a situation of pandemic and economic recession that we are living.

There are several factors that drive the figures in this market, but as we are active and passionate about the pet food sector, we can highlight two points that draw our attention to the boom in the sector: the increase in the number of dogs and cats domiciled, which causes the consumption of pet food to increase in absolute values; and the change of status that they have in the Brazilian household for relatives, so that they receive products that go beyond their basic needs, but products that show the affection of their tutors.

Given this scenario, there is great interest on the part of investors to enter this sector, and we receive demand for technical consulting services to serve this diverse audience, ranging from large consolidated companies that already operate in the sector, large companies already stabilized in other businesses and wanting to enter the pet food sector, small business owners and even individuals who want to sell some snacks on a small scale.

By 2021 we foresee an even greater diversity of products for feeding dogs and cats available in the market, and this will be driven by the recent ordinance 196, of January 8, 2021 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) that exempts from registration of establishment with MAPA kitchens that produce natural frozen or dehydrated pet food. We believe that with this, the number of people who make homemade food will grow exponentially, so investing in consultancies for the development of these foods will be a way for companies to demonstrate their credibility and commitment to putting safe and balanced products on the market exclusively destined for to dog and cat food.

We also believe in the individualization of pet food, more and more the trend is the customization of products according to the specific needs of each animal. Until now, we understand that professionals and companies that work with dog and cat nutrition need more than ever to be up-to-date and prepared to develop products, learn about manufacturing processes and / or perform services that take into account the needs of this diverse public. and that you have great clarity and transparency in your communication with the client.

Clarifying to the tutor what is the differential of the products that you can offer your pet is something fundamental for this moment in which we live, so that he gains autonomy to make better food choices for his pets, not only based on trends and fashions, but understanding that be safe and healthy for your pet.


* Erika Stasieniuk is a Zootechnician and Doctor in Nutrition and Food for Dogs and Cats from UFMG. She is a founding partner of SFA Consultoria, which aims to help food and ingredient companies for dogs and cats develop their products and manufacture safe and quality food.

** Ludmila Barbi is a Veterinarian and Master in Nutrition and Food for Dogs and Cats from the UFMG. She is a founding partner of Bem Nutrir, which provides clinical nutritional care, formulating complete and personalized 'natural' diets.

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