There has been an abundance of reporting on the growing Chinese Pet Food market and the opportunities for foreign brands entering into the market. What has been missing from the discussion is a rising trend of Chinese brands that are competitive on the international market.

Previously Chinese brands have had much success in the manufacturing for foreign brands with OEM practices. A recent trend is a rising number of brands rising up within the country itself, having much success and venturing out into markets outside of China.

Chinese companies have accumulated years of experience in the cost-effective manufacturing of Pet Food and with the rising trend of pet food demand within the country itself it has developed its own brands, meeting the general trend of growing standards that Pet owners the world over expect for their beloved pets, such as human-grade ingredients and international food-grade standards.

In 2020, US pet treat sales were up from $36.9bn to $38.4bn ( ) with a further growing market for 2021. This continued trend of growth means there is growth opportunity for brands. Pet consumers, although more and more conscious of Pet health, are still conscious of cost-performance and look for treats that meet their standards, that do not dig into their pockets. Therefore there is great opportunity for Pet retailers, who want to offer high-end, quality treats at a slightly lower price point, in considering the brands that already have a successful track record within China.

John's Farms is an excellent example of a family-established brand that has achieved large success and has successfully ventured out into international markets as it meet the requirements and standards of consumers globally who are demanding human-grade, cheap-filler free and balanced pet treats.

Key takeaways:

Growing market in China is improving standards and branding within the country

The growing brands and standards means opportunity for Western and other global markets to enjoy fast growing Chinese home brands that are venturing into international markets

Western pet retailers can take advantage of high-end brands that match the Western high-end ones, but that are at a lower price point

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