March 30th 2020 - International Pet Pood manufacturer United Petfood has acquired the Dutch IAMS Europe B.V. plant in Coevorden from Spectrum Brands. The site currently manufactures the IAMS and EUKANUBA brands and will continue to do so in future. United Petfood is merely taking over the plant. The Spectrum Brands organisation will continue to own and market the brands.

The Dutch company IAMS Europe B.V. was founded in 1999 and like United Petfood, it is an experienced player on the pet food market. The Coevorden site is a high-tech, ultramodern production facility and boasts generous storage capacity. In addition to production for the IAMS and EUKANUBA brands, United Petfood will also develop additional private label volume at the site.

According to United Petfood's board of directors, "the takeover of the Coevorden plant offers new growth opportunities and helps us consolidate our position on the European market. The production site also brings additional capacity and new technological possibilities that will enable us to further upgrade our customer service".


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