Undoubtedly, an event to take into account for the food industry, and above all for all of us who are immersed in the growing pet food industry.

Upon arrival at the event, we were kindly hosted  by Gabriel Rajão, Public Relations of Think Plastic Brazil , who introduced us to several very interesting Brazilian companies involved on  the packaging of different types of feeds & foods, but the pet food segment was the star of its portfolio of packaging solutions

The new intelligent and sustainable solutions were the focus of the scene and the members of every company spent some time to explain us about it.

The All Pet Food team took advantage of the visit to learn about Think Plastic Brazil, which is defined as a non-profit organization that aims to bring Brazilian companies that transform plastic to different international markets, being packaging one of the items they work the most  in different areas, being the segments of Animal Feed and Pet food of greatest importance and strength

That´s why All Pet Food  interviewed Carlos Moreira Planning and Projects Manager of Think Plastic Brazil, who invited the entire audience to participate in the World Plastic Connection Summit to be held from 7-10 November 2022, where there will be an emphasis on the pet food sector, in both the Brazilian and Argentine markets

On the other hand, Cristina Sacramento, Market Development Specialist at Think Plastic Brazil, gives us a brief reference to the organization and opens a window for all pet food and feed producers to look into the  different packaging alternatives depending on their needs and type of product

We invite you to enjoy the inteviews

by: All Pet Food

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