Yesterday morning we had the pleasure of having a friendly chat with Osvaldo Muñoz through Rongorongo Studios in the UK, about one of the hottest topics in aquaculture and pet food processing nowadays ... Extrusion

Being one of the most respected voice regarding processing and extrusion process, not only in Latin America but globally, Osvaldo Muñoz, Extru-tech` Sales Director for LATAM , agreed to speak with Roger Gilbert, CEO of Perendale Publishers ltd., Editorial that counts among its publications with International Aquafeed Magazine, among other publications, and with Ivan Marquetti, Regional Director of International Aquafeed and All Extruded magazines and Online Platforms, regarding general aspects of Extrusion and its nutrition and processing benefits for the aquaculture and Pet Food industries. 

It was a bilingual interview (English and Spanish), so we invite you not to miss any detail of the interview, which touches very innovative aspects of Extru-tech and Extrusion Technologies



by All Extruded


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