PAYPER has recently launched a new FFS bagging machine capable of filling up to 2,600 bags/hour.

This bag filler, which is now the highest performing member of the FFS ASSAC-family, is called U20. It handles bags from 5 to 50 kg and works with tubular PE or Aluminium roll film with PE laminate and is especially suitable for bulk solids in granules.

The ASSAC-U20 is specially designed for free flowing products such as plastic pellets, fertilizer prills, etc. Common demands when bagging this kind of products are output capacity, precision and reliability and the U20 meets all three.

Five decades of experience and collaboration with the industry make PAYPER a trustworthy partner. Any new project is developed in close cooperation with the client and is tailor-made to suit each individual need.

The ASSAC U20 is a flexible bagging solution that can be adapted to different requirements by adding modules such as Automatic roll film change; ATEX certification; Anti-corrosion kit; Cleaning system; Corner sealing system for optimal bag shape or a Movable platform. Additionally, a Metal-detector, Check-weigher or Ink-printer can be added to the line to customize the entire system for the user.

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ASSAC-U20. PAYPER's newest FFS bagging machine – 2,600 bags/h


Bagging-line with PAYPER's new FFS bagger, 'ASSAC-U20' with a capacity of 2,600 bags/h. Features automatic roll film changer, metal detector and check weigher.


Automatic film roll changer fitted to PAYPER's new FFS bagging machine 'ASSAC-U20'.


PAYPER's high-speed FFS Bagging System, 'ASSAC-U20' with automatic film roll changer.


Fuente: Payper

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