Humanisation of pets is more relevant than ever, and as owners expect only the best for their pets, new packaging innovations are needed to be able to unite convenience, freshness, and sustainability.

The human experience for pets

In 2020, as new generations become pet owners and emerging markets are treating pets more like part of the family, the humanisation of pets across all generations is here to stay. According to Euromonitor, pets are benefitting from more spending on their health and happiness.

However, even though pets may seem like members of the family, they still need their owners to open the packaging for them. Leaders in the packaging industry are thinking of new ways that packaging of the future can be more convenient through easier resealable functionalities, shapes and sizes.

Sustainable packaging preferred

Owners are scrutinising the ingredients inside the bag to make sure their pets are eating only the best. So, optimal readability of nutritional information on the package, opening convenience and freshness are a growing demand among consumers in the US, according to the Premium Pet Packaging survey.

Yet, as demand around reducing plastic packaging increases, consumers are looking for more sustainable and recyclable solutions and packaging that is appealing, to make the pet food more distinguishable. Thus, the packaging may contribute in positioning the food as more premium. In the same study, one in three pet owners claimed they would switch to a brand that offers a more sustainable package and 75% of customers said that they would be more favourable to a brand if it offered sustainable options.

Latest snacks in latest packaging

As humans treat their furry friends more like people, treats and snacks are a growing way to entertain pets and keep them happy. So, the latest packaging offerings have zippers that reclose to maintain freshness, come in sizes that fit every shape and treat type, and provide protection on the go.

Together with a creative strategic agency, Mondi developed a design thinking approach to create a new breed of innovative and sustainable pet food packaging solutions. These options optimise manufacturing efficiency without compromising on the look and feel of the product. Mondi's mission is to provide high-quality packaging in pet food that is sustainable by design.

by William Kuecker 

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