From All Pet Food we generate and share content created with research by our editorial team, clients, editors and colleagues from the pet food industry, backed by qualified sources, to provide technical-scientific articles, not only for reading as a hobby, but as a training resource.

That is why we highlight a date that proposes to reflect on the responsibility that communicators assume, inviting them to become aware of their role and ethical conduct. And from All Pet Food to remain committed to this premise.

Considering the important date and the importance of sharing information obtained from knowledge and research, what inspires you to play the role of disseminator?

Among my values is learning... that connects me with personal improvement, with my view of myself as a process, being in permanent construction... And facilitating that process in other people is exciting and challenging for me. In this disseminator role I get in contact with people, I answer questions, I accompany others so they can learn the knowledge they need to solve their day-to-day issues... And those questions that they ask me lead me to rethink my role and myself, in this improvement cycle.


On the other hand, and considering a subject as booming as controversial like Artificial Intelligence, what do you think about its use as a tool to create content?

Perhaps I still dont have a formed opinion, it is rather reflections or feelings that are intermingled... There is a John Naisbitt phrase that I like, that reflects my way of looking at the future: "The most exciting revolutionary advances of the 21st century will not happen by technology, but by an expansive concept of what it means to be human"… And as human beings we are imperfect. I understand that this imperfection adds value to what we do. And in this act we build ourselves as authentic human beings, if we have the courage to let ourselves be seen. Maybe someone chooses to use that tool to start their job... Now, it's important for me to be seen in that content, and that happens when I get involved in writing...



We know that writing texts has many benefits such as: generating neural connections, enriching vocabulary, improving fine motor skills, etc. What kind of impact can have using a tool that solves this task immediately?

I understand that it could have a deep impact, at least on me, on the possibility of learning. I would be "delegating" something that I didn't even learn deeply about. How to grow if we skip that learning?

Agility, a word that has a lot of presence today, but this doesn´t mean fast or immediate, rather it goes hand by hand with our adaptability. And that requires many skills such as flexibility, hierarchy, acceptance, detachment, among others, that we train while doing...

And also, I don't want to miss the happiness and recognition of myself, when I do something that we value...

In everything we write, we are ourselves... When I read someone else's text, emotions even arise, empathy appears... I don't know if that will continue to happen if the contents do not have a "human" author.


Remembering the responsibility of communicators to create and disseminate articles generated from research and supported by true sources, what do you think about the reliability of the content creado with Artificial Intelligence?

I imagine that this will be related to updating the information that feeds the system...

Perhaps reliability doesn't have so much to do with updating, but with what makes it human. That "humanity" sometimes shows information that is far beyond "data" and is forceful...


We invite you to add anything else you consider necessary to share with the pet food industry.

I think that AI will have an impact in many aspects... It will be necessary to rethink the training proposals, professional skills, ways of working, etc... I strongly hope that we don't lose sight of its possible negative impact, if its use does not go hand in hand with a tracendental lokk, transcendental gaze, like the one that has at all of us connected.


By: Claudia Degrossi

Source: All Pet Food

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