Trends in pet food and treats have driven innovation in pet food packaging, given that, beyond the type of packaging in which the food arrives, owners increasingly focus on the philosophy and values with which they the company works.

In this article we will talk about how and why packaging can be used to communicate the values and good practices of a brand, to attract more consumers.

Which is the current context?

The present growth of the pets place in the family and in their owners lives leads to greater attention to both the nutritional quality of the food and the packaging in which it is consumed by pets. Consequently, the humanization of pets has a greater demand on the entire industry chain that feeds them.

Today, flexible packaging and bags lead the market for dry food and treats. In the case of wet food, although we see more and more presentations like the previous one, cans are still the main type of packaging for this type of food.

Why is packaging so important?

The truth is that packaging plays a predominant role when it comes to conquer new users. When a person makes a purchase, it is not only because of the ingredients or the nutritional quality of the product, but also because the way it is packaged. Due to this trend of humanizing pets, their owners look for in pet food the same thing in their own food: quality, circular economy, design and practicality.

The first impression on a product is formed in the first seven seconds, and 55% of that impression is determined by its appearance.

Given the competition and the rise of new market demands, manufacturers are in search of both materials and packaging systems that are versatile and efficient to be able to adapt to the new requirements of it.

How to use packaging as a marketing strategy?

Pet food manufacturers have been in a process of optimizing and improving the quality of their food for a long time at the request of consumers. Consequently, they must also rethink their marketing strategies to communicate better these changes, to generate a positive impact on customers and potential consumers.

From a communication point of view, the food packaging plays a significant role when it comes to inform and, mainly, educate buyers about the benefits and advantages of the changes and improvements implemented, both in the food as in the production chain. This is why, among other things, packaging that stands out from the competition will make the person's gaze go directly to that sector of the display shelf. In this way, you already have a point of advantage, because you have made a first impression before the rest of the offer.

Tell us what you think about packaging in the pet food industry.

Would you add any other tips to improve it? We read you.

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