The development process of a new pet food product is just like in other industries. At the same time, it has some very specific features. Let us consider them in detail.


Today's buyer's needs

Nowadays, the product development team must understand what a buyer wants if it is to meet demand. But the pet food industry works simultaneously for two target audiences: the pet parent and their pet. A product's composition, appearance and cost, trust in the manufacturer, plus the health, beauty and longevity of the pet are important to the buyer.

Most people do not read and analyse the composition of their own food as meticulously as that of their pet's. But if the pet does not like it, nothing else matters. So palatability plays a crucial role. R&D teams are constantly working on this, trying to invent the best formula for the product. Taste is influenced by several factors, including recipe, ingredient freshness, chemical reactions caused by synergy between ingredients, density and kibble shape.


Market potential

The use of meat such as pork, rabbit and horse needs to be researched, as these ingredients are traditionally well received in some markets but not in others.


Production technology choices

Again, this factor affects both target audiences. For the buyer, the type of product, conformity to competitive offers on the market, degree of processing and preservation of useful substances are important. For pets, products with a similar formula, but manufactured using other technologies, may have different palatability.


Environmental impact

Alternative proteins, like insect and vegetable proteins, or attempts to culture artificial 'meat' proteins, significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment, when compared to traditional meat proteins. Recycled packaging, and attempts to reduce the use of packaging in general, also have a significant impact and meet consumer needs. The pet industry makes substantial progress with these topics.


Soul food

The R&D team at Kormotech is not just creating a good quality product. What is the most inspiring for them is giving it 'soul', making it more than just food. So that the customer gets positive feelings from being in a harmonious relationship with their pet. And they will buy your product again.


Source: Global Pets

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