Before with a line of twin screw extruders with capacities ranging between 400 and 8,000 kg/h, Ferraz now is launching its extruder with the highest production capacity - up to 10,000 kg/h: the Ferraz E-150D.

The E-150D twin screw extruder has more advanced technology than single screw extruders, with features such as:

  • Greater flexibility in the configuration of different thread profiles and greater ease in changing and replacing them; greater versatility.
  • .Possibility of working with diets that have higher levels of ether extract, as it offers greater pressure and expansion of the product.
  • Works very well with the addition of fresh meat.
  • Easier cannon cleaning - smooth, non-fluted or helical liners.
  • Variety of products: beef, bi-colored, nuggets, among others.

If your focus is on premium, high premium and super premium rations, we have a right twin screw extruder for your production, talk to us!

PROFILE OF Ferraz Máquinas e Engenharia Ltda.

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