Over the years, we have greatly expanded our products and services portfolio until reaching the current stage, in which we supply complete plants for the production of 400 kg extruded meal feed at 16 tons per hour, 400kg pelletized at 30 tons per hour, and plants for mineral salt and premix production.

Nowadays, we are leaders in the market for machinery for extruded food production in Latin America.

In addition to the equipment, we also supply spare parts, through the division called "Ferraz Parts", such as dies and roller covers for all the main pellet brands of the market. Our arrays, made of stainless steel material with perforation technology using gun drills and a vacuum quenching process, are what ensure an excellent roughness profile for the holes.

We also provide services such as Munck leasing, freight through our own fleet, and installation of compressed air, steam, liquids, and electrical networks.

The 'Autofer' division, our subsidiary dedicated to electricity and automation, has a large and qualified team for the supply of power and control panels, CCM, and industrial automation software.

One of the great company's competitive advantages is its capability to supply from the receiving hopper to the bagging machine, that is, all the necessary equipment for the feed production process.

In addition, we have the premise of dedicating special attention to after-sales, for which we maintain a high stock of spare parts for immediate delivery, and we also have a team of qualified technicians and specialists in each process, who are always visiting our clients and checking if needs some support, such as maintenance services (preventive and corrective) or training for its operators.

We monitor and support clients from the project-design phase, equipment manufacturing, delivery, start-up, and training of contracted operators.

Currently, we sell our products and services to 21 countries, with Latin America and the African continent as our principal markets.

We consider it of great importance that the company always maintain its original values, which are respect and focus on customer satisfaction, the continuous search for innovation, and the humility to learn and share knowledge with all the people we are in contact with.

Significant investments are also made in our team's qualification, either through courses and training given in the company itself or through cost allocations for undergraduate and specialization courses.

We always seek to offer the best cost/benefit ratio for our customers, which is why we attach great importance to maintaining short delivery times, as well as competitive prices and strict quality standards. The delivery time for complete factories, for example, is currently 4 to 6 months, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

One of the most outstanding pieces of equipment in our current portfolio are the twin-screw extruder and the model for the production of 10 to 12 tons/hour, E-150D, which was recently launched on the market. We have already observed great interest and demand for this equipment, mainly due to its high flexibility and productivity.


By: Ferraz Machinery

Source: All Pet Food Magazine

PROFILE OF Ferraz Máquinas e Engenharia Ltda.

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