The Aseptic Dual Preconditioner enables the operator to incorporate a combination of low steam pressure injected at multiple inlets and adjustable product retention time. This provides the system operator with a whole new level of product quality control.

It is the answer to increased nutritional values and production quality.

As finished product quality and nutritional values increase, preconditioning is becoming a vital part to any production process. Extru-Tech's Aseptic Dual Preconditioner will enable you to meet these increasing demands as well as provide these benefits:

  • High Liquid Addition
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Variable Retention Times
  • Low Coefficient of Variation
  • Starch gelatinization levels attainable up to 60% formula dependant
  • Temperature Over 90°C
  • Human Food Hygienic Grade Equipment
  • High meat addition
  • Proven first in first out technology


As the ADP matches/exceeds the same number of Beater Impacts on Product as our closest competitors' advance technology preconditioner, the ETI best in class ADP often exceeds any competitors' CV.

Our studies show that the ADP has a Coefficient of Variation of less than 3%, which means it's more efficient than our competitors latest pre-conditioner designs. The CV improves further as the beater speeds increase through our new design.

The ADP features an Automatic downspout with 'Downspout temperature' probe strategically mounted for improved accuracy (per ETI Generic Validation Study)

Coefficient of Variation (CV)

CV is a measure of precision. ExtruTech's CV Trials tested the accuracy and variability of moisture of the product while exiting the ADP.


Why settle for just sanitary when sterile can be achieved?

Extru-Tech offers a proven scientific validation that the new ADP can sterilize the product prior to its discharge from the preconditioner, and can be cleaned/sanitized through validated SSOPs.

Stainless steel construction and hygienic framework create a sleek exterior design that has no shell or wrap so that it can be easily cleaned and maintain sanitary design standards. The clean-out valve assists with sanitation procedures.

by  ExtruTech

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