We would like to make a presentation of the LIW "Loss In Weight" equipment of the prestigious JESMA Company for measuring the flow of product entering the conditioner / extruder.

As you know, the good operation of this equipment ensures a gradual and exact feeding of the material that enters the conditioner and thus the extruder.

If this equipment does not operate properly, the quality of the final product can be very compromised since density variations and fluctuations in this area are very frequent.

Variations in the feeding and erroneous readings of the product flow that enters causes erroneous additions of steam and water producing variations in the working conditions of the extruder (SME - Specific Mechanical Energy).

An accurate and reliable product flow measurement system that reaches the conditioner will allow an addition of water and steam in the appropriate proportions and therefore a continuous process of higher quality, without depending so much on the intuitive adjustments of the operators.

Enclosed the updated presentation of this type of equipment, including models, capacities and prices.
We are available to tell you more about these teams.

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Source: www.cliviosolutions.com

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