Precise pressure monitoring and airflow corrections allow the system to operate efficiently under all conditions, while gently inducing materials through the convey line in slug form. E-finity® is ideally suited for granular and pelleted materials, and has proven itself on many pet food manufacturing applications.

Unique E-finity® air controls can employ a single air source to operate 2-3 different systems simultaneously. The result is a significant cost savings in both equipment and installation, with continued savings in operation and maintenance moving forward.

Schenck Process' ability to design, size, sell, fabricate, and integrate other OEM processes as well as installing and providing ongoing support delivers full control. As a primary equipment manufacturer, Schenck Process manages production schedules for faster lead times on highly engineered, custom-built systems. The end result is a predictable, efficient, and effective material handling process.

Contact Schenck Process to schedule a full-scale test to quantify the energy requirements and degradation results for your specific products.


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