DON-V™ ONE offers the world's first lateral flow strip test capable of measuring vomitoxin (DON) in complete feeds and pet foods.  Using a simple, barcode-based universal calibration, DON-V ONE delivers numeric results in minutes while improving safety and sustainability for field, process and laboratory testing environments.  DON-V ONE eliminates high-stakes calibration, reduces time to result and offers unmatched performance for DON monitoring in finished feeds


Safe – Eliminates toxic calibration chemicals
Value – No hidden costs or sample batching required
Fast screening – Actionable results in 5 minutes*
Sensitive – Limits of detection as low as 0.20 ppm
Wide range – 0.20 to 40 ppm†
Convenient – Easily performed on-site or in the lab
Accurate – Results equivalent to HPLC methods


*after extraction † Using high range procedure
This procedure has been validated for a wide range of finished feeds, including pet food

by Vicam

Source: All Pet Food 

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