Dubai Investment Company that will take its first steps in the exciting business of Premium Pet Food relies on the experience and work capacity of Clivio Solutions to carry out this promising project.

As Engineer Diego Clivio, Managing Director of Clivio Solutions, told us, his Company has been selected after a study carried out by the Investment Company of the United Arab Emirates.

In turn, Diego told us that he feels very confident in what his Company can do for this project, which will undoubtedly be successful knowing that he also has the valuable contribution of the experienced Lic. Juan Manuel Peralta.

The Pet Food Industry is in constant movement, new trends and customs emerge following the continuous demand by pet owners to give them something increasingly healthy, complete, healthy and rich.

For demanding customers, it is no longer enough for foods to be "balanced" in their nutritional contributions, they seek other virtues or characteristics that differentiate it and add value.

Clivio Solutions can help you in your project with the comprehensive development of these new products whose demand is on the rise, defining the best product for the market where you want to operate, including formulation, production process, selection of raw materials and even the final presentation of the finished product and its commercialization.

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