A pride that this first edition of CIPAL 19 has served for the training of so many young professionals, to implement new alliances, strategies and businesses, as well as for the union of the entire Latin American pet food industry; said Iván Marquetti, Managing Partner of All Extruded, Organizer of CIPAL, at the close of the event.

CIPAL 19 was undoubtedly an important international meeting place for the pet food industry. It´s first edition was held at the Pontificial Catholic University (UCA), located in the glamorous, Puerto Madero, one of the most notable places of the always elegant Buenos Aires.

With the attendance of more than 600 visitors from all over Latin America, the first edition of the Latin America Pet Food Industry Congress (CIPAL) in Argentina opened its doors on September 18th. As expected, the main processing and feed companies, machinery, laboratories, nutrition, raw materials and packaging attended not only from Argentina, but from the entire region.

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Spain, USA, Mexico and Portugal were the main countries attending. They didn´t  want to miss this Tradeshow and Conference event,  who brought their innovations and knowledge about this exciting industry

A success - more than just numbers

While quantity is important, quality is vital, and CIPAL 19 set new standards for this metric. With first-class speakers, both independent consultants and industry leading companies, the conference program drew everyone's attention for its quality, professionalism and diversity of topics, The reason why the conference room was filled both days that the event lasted.

The entire organizing team received very positive comments from national and foreign participants on the quality of the topics, its speakers, knowledge and training lessons, positive aspects that place  CIPAL as an emerging event to be scheduled within the leading pet food shows of the Region. "

Pablo Porcel, Managing Partner of All Extruded and Organizer of CIPAL, added that 'the event will develop greater content, with the same professional and social quality, by 2021.' We will have two conference rooms divided between Machinery / Processes and Nutrition / Health since in this edition many companies and industry professionals, who are very interested in participating and showcasing their innovations and knowledge about the Pet Food industry, couldn`t get involved in the program.

The power of Networking

A walk through the commercial area immediately reinforced the idea that CIPAL was an event of cutting-edge technology, both machinery, nutrition, palatants and processes, not forgetting the important Packaging. 

With leading international industry companies such as Geelen Countrerflow, Wenger Manufacturing, Extru-tech, Diana Pet Food, AFB International, Andritz, Ferraz Machinery, PLP Systems, Alltech, Biorigin, Foss and Perkin Elmer, to just name a few, added to companies High-flying nationals such as Bioaromas, WMG, Bartoli Brothers, Lambabue, Blanko, Ensolpet, JLA and MRG, were the perfect amalgam so that technologists and innovators of pet food were attracted to see what each of the companies were showcasing, promoting at the same time the exchange of ideas and the creation of new business alliances.

Social events are an important feature of these events, so the organizers offered a break every two or three conferences, mediating a very varied and exquisite tasting of national delicatessens, as well as a Happy Hour at the end of the day, with the idea of promoting commercial, social and business networks between different sectors of the Industry.

One of the highlights was the quality of the visitors to the event. Representatives of the main companies producing, pet food, feed, raw materials and nutrition in Argentina and the region gathered at the event. The exhibitors were very happy to have first-hand contact with the decision makers of the main companies and mills, and in some cases having been able to close several projects.

I do not want to overlook the important packaging companies… the final step in the pet food production. Leading companies such as PremierTech, Soulpack and Plastilene showed an impressive range of packaging materials and machinery, which not only serve to make the live easier for pet parents, but also help in such a great extend the health of our planet; contributing that our Pet Food Industry is becoming increasingly sustainable.

The Organizing team greatly thanks all the speakers and exhibitors who have addressed new guidelines and research on the different aspects of the industry and ensure new challenges can arise, Thank you betting on us during this important First Year! '

We hope that this new event on the Industry agenda has aroused interest and appetite to learn more about this Pet Food world and that many more companies, technologists and professionals join CIPAL 2021, which will take place in September, in the same venue.

Thank you all for your support!

by All Extruded


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