Professor Dr. Aulus Cavalieri Carciofi is the company's guest to present the benefits of betaglucan for pet nutrition

Continuing its BioEvolution Webinar series program, Biorigin  promotes on November 24, at 9:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time US) | 3:00 PM (Central European Time) the webinar entitled: 'Benefits of beta-glucans (1,3)/(1,6) for pets' conducted by Biorigin's Global Technical Manager of Pet Food Thaila Cristina Putarov, and presented by Prof. Dr. Aulus Cavalieri Carciofi, Full Professor at Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences (FCAV/UNESP), Jaboticabal Campus.

The owners of dogs and cats are increasingly demanding with the care with feeding their pets, and constantly seek food that contributes to improve health and increase longevity. According to Thaila, the interest in the use of nutraceuticals, food supplements that contain bioactive compounds that brings health benefits, has increased in recent years.

The webinar will focus on presenting the benefits of beta-glucans. 'Among nutraceuticals, beta-glucans 1.3/1.6 extracted from the yeast cell wall are bioactive molecules with proven performance in supporting the body's natural defenses, favoring glucose and lipid metabolism', adds the technical manager.

The webinar is open and those who are interested can register HERE 

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