ANDESFOODS, produces food and snacks for pets that meet all the nutritional requirements, processes and quality standards that canines need, with 100% human-grade ingredients, that is, as a food for people would be produced. Within our developments , one of these products are toys, snacks and edible treats, made from meat. 

Its elaboration uses meat of natural origin obtained from the skin of bovines. Through a careful process we select our raw material verifying that its origin and suppliers are certified, guaranteeing a high quality standard. The rigorous cleaning, washing and drying process implemented in our plant avoids any risk of microbiological contamination. In addition, during all phases different quality controls are carried out that guarantee the safety of our products.

The result is healthy and fun products, in various shapes, sizes and flavors that our pets love and also help them entertain themselves.

In order to please all dogs, even the most demanding, we incorporate rich flavors and other ingredients that are commonly used in the production of food for human consumption, that are safe to be used in dogs as well, and that become in a very good option for our pets. Additionally, these snacks provide a series of benefits for our dogs and even for our relationship with them:

Satisfies the instinct to chew: Canines have a great need to chew on objects, especially in the early stages when their teeth and gums are developing, for that reason we frequently find furniture, shoes and other belongings broken by bitten. To quench their instincts and prevent them from biting what they should not, snaks and meat treats are a practical and inexpensive solution for our dogs.

Improves oral health: When biting, the meat exerts a mechanical effect on the teeth that helps to clean the tartar that is formed by the accumulation of dental plaque after eating food. Humans remove this plaque with daily brushing, however, this is an uncommon practice in pets, so it is necessary and helpful to use these chew toys to help their oral health.

The use of baits, frequent dental cleanings at home (with veterinary toothpaste and brush) and regular visits to the veterinarian ensure good oral health for our pets.

Reduces stress and anxiety: Some dogs develop stress and anxiety because they spend many hours alone or without attention from their love, for example while they work. Toys, snacks and meat treats are ideal for entertaining canines for hours, who are looking to devour the meat immediately.

Just as when we give entertainment toys to children, we must take precautions and above all follow the recommendations of the manufacturers of treats and snacks for pets. It is recommended to choose the appropriate size, depending on the breed and age, the toy should be larger than the size of its muzzle to avoid choking.

Additionally, it is recommended to discard if it has not been used within 24 hours, since being in the ground regularly, it may be subject to contamination. As we see, offering a meat toy to our dog can bring several benefits in addition to being a very fun option for our 4-legged friends!

by AndesFoods

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