A constantly growing trend: Cats and dogs have become part of the family. But not only them. According to Euromonitor data, pet population in Italy at the end of 2021 accounted for 30 million fish, 13 million birds, 10 million cats and 9 million dogs.

The lockdown period played its role while the industrial world didn't wait on the sidelines but, on the contrary, continued competing with an ever-larger offer that paid greater attention to petfood quality, packaging design, and communication.

In this scenario, GPI – Geo Project Industries, with cemented know-how in robotics and packaging, developed a plant for a revolutionary governance of the production line: Every phase from depalletization to primary and secondary packaging, to palletization, to flexibly and efficaciously meets customer's requirements.

A turnkey solution featuring easily openable/closable display boxes, for capacity of 500 piece/minute, that manages 4 different flavours that can be further increased to 6 and 8 by adding robot isles.

Things do not change when it comes to pouches/doypacks, increasingly popular thanks to their utmost practicality and small size, and dry pet food boxes or pouches.

GPI paper department designs the ideal packaging upon customer's requirements and grounding on three fundamental criteria: The best product protection, enticing aesthetics to conquer the purchaser, use of techniques and sustainable materials, such as cardboard, for higher respect of the planet and minimum impact on the environment.

GPI management says 'We are close to our customers and their pets. When we meet our partners the first sentence is not 'Our machines operate this way' but rather 'What can our machines do for you?'. A tailored approach that has helped us grow in these years in terms of know-how, relationships, and markets.'

GPI new machine – studied to guarantee a complete production cycle in the pet food industry – is likely to become an international one of a kind for its very high flexibility in production, and utmost customization upon the goals of the various players of the sector.

by GPI Group

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