With minimum 50% protein, Green Lipped Mussel powder includes the essential 9 amino acids required through the diet and not made by the body

The NZ Green Lipped Mussel is a powerhouse of nutrition for human and animal wellbeing.The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus) is a type of Bivalve mollusc. It has a rich history with the indigenous New Zealand Maori who have used the mollusc as a flavorsome and highly nutritional component of their diet for centuries.

 Today, the mussels are farmed in the pristine waters of the Marlborough Sounds, Golden and Tasman Bays and the Coromandel. Between 140,000 and 160,000 tons of Green Lipped Mussels are harvested annually and are the largest New Zealand aquaculture export finding their way on to dining plates in over 70 countries. 

 But the story goes beyond human consumption into the lives of our most treasured companions, our pets. Green Lipped Mussels are regarded as a perfect seafood choice for animal nutrition. Green Lipped Mussels contain vital protein, minerals, vitamins and include mucopolysaccharides, betaine, and omega fatty acids. 

 Since the 1990s pet food companies have been blending NZ Green Lipped Mussel powder into their premium feed formulas for optimal animal health. It's for this reason that Green Blue Nutrition aims to educate and encourage pet feed companies to formulate their products with NZ Green Lipped Mussel powder.

This sustainable marine superfood ingredient provides many benefits that make it a  highly valuable food for pets:

1. Nature's Nutrition
Growing in the ocean, mussels absorb the vital minerals in their environment and are an Important source of manganese, potassium, magnesium, calcium, Iron, and zinc. The powder has the added advantage of naturally occurring vitamins including A, E, B and Niacin.

2. Energy & Healthy Growth 
With minimum 50% protein, Green Lipped Mussel powder includes the essential 9 amino acids required through the diet and not made by the body. 

3. Enhanced Appetite 
A high 2% betaine is found in Green Lipped Mussel powder. Betaine is a feed attractant for fish and prawns, and appetite stimulant for cats and dogs improving their nutrient intake. Increased muscle gain through improved protein synthesis resulting in healthy growth and weight of animals. 

4. Mobility & Joint Function
A natural source of the mucopolysaccharides, heparin sulphate and chondroitin sulphate – important nutrients for maintaining the physiology needed for animal mobility. 

5. Optimal Cellular Function
Mussels filter and consume microalgae and planktons containing many different essential fatty acids necessary for cell function.

6. Clean Label 
Green Lipped Mussel powder is a pure marine nutrient source, nothing is added proving  transparency for labelling. It is unique to have one ingredient that provides so many nutritional benefits.

7. Human Grade Food
Humans have a long history of consuming mussels and can be found today in many delicious seafood dishes. Green Lipped Mussel powder is optimal for animal nutrition due to its marine flavor favored by cats and dogs.

8. Sustainable & Economical
With a growing public interest in ethical and economic sustainability, the NZ Green Lipped Mussels tick both boxes. 
 Mussels are farmed under a monitored sustainable aquaculture program. The Environmental Defence Fund (NZ) has labelled this superfood as an 'eco-best choice' (www.aplusaquaculture.nz/mussels) 

 Economically, research demonstrates that just a small quantity of mussel powder can result in extraordinary health benefits. If you are looking for a sustainable and healthy feed ingredient to complement the diet of pets, seafood aquaculture or farmed animals, look no further than NZ Green lipped Mussel powder. We recommend using a 'heat free' stabilized, freeze dried powder to optimize quality of proteins minerals and vitamins. 

by Green Source Organics

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