Luis-Miguel Gómez-Osorio is graduated in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry. He got his master in Immunology and got his PhD in Animal Nutrition. He has been doing internships in different places such as Parasitology and Biomedicine “Lopez-Neyra” in Spain, National Institute of Agricultural Research in France (INRA) as well as University of Georgia in USA. He has more than 15 years of experience in applied health and nutrition to pet food areas. He design and developed a lot of products for the Latin America market such as a high premium portfolio ( for dogs and cats including functional ingredients such as DHA gold, optimum vitamin nutrition OVN concept, and carotenoids for Solla SA company ( He also creates the first Canine Research Center for palatability and digestibility trials in Andean countries (Colombia) in alliance with University of CES in Colombia. Dr. Gomez currently teaches Nutrition and Immunology for Veterinary undergraduate, Master and PhD students. He was working during one year in Mexico for Nutec group and for its petfood brand NUPEC ( as a Head of Innovation. In the last three years Doctor Gomez has published several scientific papers in peer-review journals related to pet nutrition and health and is the co-editor of Rojas' Immunology book which has a distribution in all Latin and Central America countries. During the last three years Dr Gomez has given scientific and commercial talks in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada and Colombia in both Nutrition and Health of Pets.


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Luis Miguel Gómez Osorio

Luis Miguel Gómez Osorio