WHITE MOUNTAIN GROUP is made up of Three Business Units, designed to provide Innovative Solutions to the Universe of Pet Foods around the World, through Knowledge, Products and Services of Excellence.

ALQUIMIA - Pet Business Consulting, is our Professional Consulting Service to Pet Market Companies, which offers Holistic Advice and Support on the entire Product Development Process, and Industrial Production, as well as Efficiency Analysis, Investments, and Layout .

WMG Wet Pet Food Plant is our Third Party Production Wet Food Plant.

In our Model Plant, Human Grade Level, for the Production of Canned Wet Foods, in Paté texture, with presentations in 90 gr cans. and 340 gr., with Easy Open, we have the ability to develop a wide variety of products, according to the specifications and needs presented by our clients, in addition to our range of super premium and premium formulas.

We develop our products with traditional raw materials (cow, pork, chicken, sea bass, hake, sardine) and differentials (lamb, salmon, others), and top quality functional ingredients.

Our Argentine Meat is Worldwide Recognized for its Quality, Taste, and Nutritional Profile, which is also Perceived by Cats and Dogs when it comes to eating.

In turn, Argentina is one of the Few Countries in the World, which have the Status of "Free Zone of Foot-and-Mouth Disease", and of "Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy" ("Mad Cow"), for which we have the Capacity to Export Our Products formulated with Meat to Any Part of the World.

We manage our own International Level Palatability System, which makes Our Products Irresistible for Cats and Dogs.

Functional Ingredients is our Business Unit dedicated to the Research and Development of Functional Ingredients, designed to Add Value and Nutrition to all types of Pet Food, and in this way to be able to provide Our Clients with the possibility of Communicating the latest Nutritional Benefits in Their Own Products.

We commercialize Our Products both for the Argentine Market and for Export.

At WHITE MOUNTAIN GROUP we work under International Quality and Food Safety Protocols, always taking Actions and Improvements that Contribute to the Environment.

Juan Manuel Peralta

Juan Manuel Peralta

Executive Director