Slot Drain was invented and patented by Glen Kehler in 1986. During a long 30 year career as a Construction Concrete professional Glen struggled wondering why Standard Industrial drainage plans call for an expensive 4 sloped floor process and an inefficient graded trench drain.

The 4 slope plan creates an uneven surface leaving production employees to contend with continual changes in floor elevations for the life of the building. Also, the maintenance teams must deal with heavy grates that are prone to rust, wear and tear and eventual expensive replacement.

He knew there had to be a better way!

In 1986 at the height of his career he turned his attention to the creation of a slot drain system, a pre sloped, pre assembled, pre slotted drainage solution.

In one fell swoop the problem was solved!

Slot drain solved the issue of expensive installations, future workers health and maintenance wear and tear. Slot drain systems was the world’s first grate less trench drain solution allowing for the same drainage performance to be upheld without the hassles of a grated trench.

Fast forward to today looking back over the past 3 decades Slot Drain Systems has been specified by architects and engineers throughout North America, and can be found equally in farms, warehouses, FDA regulated manufacturing facilities, residences, pool sides, slaughter houses, zoos, aquariums, car washes, automotive facilities.

In 2013 nearing his 80th birthday Specialloy Industries the contract manufacturer for Slot Drain acquired the company. Honoring, Glen’s hard work Specialloy is intent on bringing Glen’s original drain design to even greater heights creating many new slotted products for new drainage market segments. Slot Drain’s team of professionals are proud to assist you with any project where you need to move surface drainage quickly, aesthetically and economically from your environment.

Slot Drain

Slot Drain