Panelis is the most innovative and pet-friendly measurement center that provides a unique view of their preferences and behaviors.  

Excellence in measurement

Scientific excellence and a strong sense of ethics are two of Panelis' indisputable assets. The teams at the center ensure that all studies are reliable and objective, based on a repeatable and controlled testing methodology. Pet friendly and quality oriented, Panelis has devised protocols that respect the product characteristics and the natural and specific feeding rhythms of cats and dogs. Pets are carefully chosen and gently trained to become tasting experts. Since accurate answers can only be obtained from healthy, happy and stress-free pets, Panelis has created the most pet-friendly environment!  

Unique information on pet preferences and feeding behaviors

Within its 3 centers located in France, Brazil and the United States, with 860 dogs and cats and including more than 60 breeds worldwide, Panelis offers its expertise to help the pet industry better serve consumers. In response to industry challenges, Panelis consistently offers new and innovative methodologies that help manufacturers increase the performance of their products, while supporting their brand promises.

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